A Short Course in Happiness After Loss

A Short Course in Happiness After Loss brings to us a powerful intersection of the science of positive psychology and the wisdom necessary to thrive when facing life's harshest moments. In poetic, compassionate and yet fearless language, Sirois traverses the territories we most fear, death, exile, disease, and carefully lights pathways toward a happiness that includes the scars of our suffering and the bounty and goodness present within our world.  Her work offers each of us, no matter the trials of our lives, a template for rising through pain into a steady, resilient and open heart, one capable of facing sorrow and loving fully and laughing richly anyway.

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Official publication date is March 17, 2016.



Praise for A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (and Other Dark, Difficult Times)

"Few could guide us as well through dark moments toward wholeness. It takes a master storyteller and an extraordinarily sensitive soul to speak about loss and happiness in proximity to one another. Maria Sirois, by drawing on personal experience, research, and a lot of heart, can help us all navigate through life's most difficult experiences, so that we can find our way to safety, and even to happiness."
- Tal Ben-Shahar, author of Happier

"Maria Sirois is born storyteller and  "A Short Course in Happiness After Loss" is full of them, many from unlikely places, like the ground beneath her feet. Maria can extract a story from a rock in the road and such is her talent that we will happily bend down with her when she picks it up turns it over, and tells us why this particular rock is so important. In the process, she tells us why we're important, too. This is a delicious book, full of truth and generosity and the kind of no-holds-barred honesty that characterizes Maria in person and on the page."
- Phyllis Theroux, author of The Journal Keeper 

"A Short Course in Happiness After Loss deserves a place on your shelf next to When Things Fall Apart, Broken Open, and The Year of Magical Thinking. Beautifully written and tenderly observed, Maria Sirois’ meditation on loss and resilience will help you through your darkest hours and fill your heart again with joy."
-Mark Matousek, author of When You’re Falling, Dive 

"This book tells us how to love truly, fully, and completely in the face of suffering and loss. Maria Sirois writes of her own losses and the losses of others she accompanies in her work as a therapist and teacher. This is a book of beauty and grace, a book that teaches us that happiness waits patiently for those who seek it."
-Sherri Mandell, author of The Blessing of a Broken Heart

"Stunned by the death of her 48-year-old brother, Maria Sirois asks how we summon our strengths to survive the agonies of this world. And she answers her question with stories of resilience from her own deeply felt experiences, amplified by poetry and the spiritual wisdom of the great sages. A trustworthy guide, she earns our confidence through courageous self-revelation. Rather than tuning out encounters with loss and suffering in her life and the lives of others, Maria has gathered them close, allowed them to transform her, and she has developed a set of profound lessons to teach what she has learned along the way. She reminds us, "We suffer.  None of us is spared." In her short course, Maria gives us permission to confront suffering directly, while reminding us of our resilience, capacity to love, and our ability to endure."
- Richard M. Berlin, author of Practice and Secret Wounds

"Every grief is piercingly unique, and every one of us picks our own path through.  What a lifeline to have Maria by our sides, presenting some universal human truths as signposts to guide us, tossing us the lifelines of wisdom and humor as we navigate to a new normal and rediscover light and grace."
- Janet Reich Elsbach, blogger: A Raisin and A Porpoise

Every Day Counts: Lessons in Love, Faith, and Resilience from Children Facing Illness

Every Day Counts Bookcover

Maria Sirois, Psy.D.

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Wisdom and inspiration for us all.

When Maria Sirois did her psychology internship at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's pediatric oncology ward valuable life lessons abounded from the children she counseled, lessons that can guide anyone through a difficult time into a more meaningful life. Astounded by the children's ability to adapt, to be giving, forgiving, and creative even while in pain, she learned that they seemed to know intuitively what adults struggle to remember - that playing builds resiliency; kindness always helps, love is not a cure but is a powerful antidote to pain; meaning in life comes not from what happens to us but who we are in response to what happens; and every day counts, even if it's a bad day, it still counts.

Every Day Counts gently leads us through the emotional minefield of life-threatening illness' and reveals how having an open heart allows hope and joyfulness to coexist with pain and crisis. The lessons of these children touch not only their families but their therapists, doctors, and nurses, who strive to cope with the ongoing strain of caring for the seriously ill, of being touched by grief yet not consumed by it. Maria revels in the big triumphs - some kids cured or in remission - and in the momentary victories, such as that of a seven-year-old, scheduled to have her leg amputated, who challenges Maria to a hopping race and gleefully celebrates, "I'm winning, I'm winning." The children's innocence, joy, vulnerability, humor, and courage are gifts that can help us all live more fully awakened, more resilient to the difficult moments, and more prepared to fall in love with our own lives again and again.

Praise for Every Day Counts

"Every Day Counts lives the message. As a pediatric surgeon I had the greatest teachers in the world, children, as my patients. This book will touch your heart and bring you to tears and laughter. My hope is you will have the courage to read it and learn how to live from those who are wise, because of their life experience, even though they are young."
- Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

"There is courage here, and depth; it's something you can lean on in tough times."
- Paul Newman

"Most afflictions of dying children are not contagious, but Maria Sirois reminds us that if we approach them with open hearts, we can catch some of their courage and faith."
- Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

"From kids whose bravery elicits tears to kids who inspire by shaping their attitudes toward cancer to suit their needs, these children are genuinely inspirational."
- Donna Chavez, Booklist.

"...As we peer through the opening she (Maria) provides we find ourselves gazing up on a landscape blooming with wisdom and guidance for each of us as we confront the cancers of our own lives. It is a world upside down where children teach adults and soulfulness fills every page and from which we emerge just a little more human."
- Mark Hyman, M.D. author, ULTRAPREVENTION


It is no accident that I have come to refer to Maria as the goddess of language. Her ability to deliver her message directly to the human spirit borders on the divine. Maria will make you believe in the possible! Carla Oleska, Executive Director, Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts

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