June 15, 2021

Happiness in Dark Times:  The Role of Positivity in Catalyzing Resilience

For counselors and other health care professionals.
Hosted by LeadingEdge Seminars.
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June 3 - 24, 2021


Hosted by Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.
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May 3 - 28, 2021

Storytelling: Narratives to Elevate Leadership, Capacity and Hope

Hosted by Wholebeing Institute.
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April 18, 2021

What to Remember (Part 2)

A free 9-week prose poem and reflection series.
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April 6, 4:30-6:00pm.

Safe Spaces: Self-Care and Resilience

Berkshire AHEC Conference.
For health care providers.
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"In spare and lovely prose, with grace-filled humility and candor, Sirois moves beyond the pain and grief that marked the days of her internship, and explores the larger questions that resonate in all of our lives, whether or not we've been touched by cancer. What makes for a meaningful life, however brief?...How, Sirois asks ultimately, do we respond to the challenge of loving what is mortal?...(I)n the end this is not a book about children dying. It is quite wonderously a book that celebrates life, that exhorts us to understand that if we look deeply enough, we will find meaning, even joy and beauty in the most ordinary or sorrow-filled days of our fleeting lives."

Ev Wilska, The Women's Times

Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology

Learn the tools, practices, and research to support an increased capacity for health, strengthened resilience, deeper mindfulness, and greater levels of overall well-being.

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