Praise for A Short Course in Happiness After Loss

"Today I am gifting your book to my dear friend and colleague, the Director of Pastoral Care for a large North Shore hospital system. She spends her days in I.C.U.s, emergency rooms, and leads counseling sessions in their psychiatric units. She also guides the chaplains who work under her. Your book will be healing, not only professionally but personally...My friend is herself a gifted writer who finds solace in Rilke. A Short Course in Happiness After Loss echoes with her silent tears.  I told her that your book brings loss to life by fashioning it with bones and blood and breath. You give pain a place at the table and then set before us the possibility of savoring new life. Undoubtedly A Short Course will serve as a blessing to my beloved friend, and I thank you."  Michele T.

Certificate in Positive Psychology

A year-long blended-learning course offering a whole-body approach to positive psychology and optimal well-being with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and Dr. Maria Sirois, beginning Sept. 2016.

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