If You Love Anne Lamott, You Will Love this Book

If you too appreciate Anne Lamott’s ability to navigate the mundane and the sacred, the heartening and the heart-rending, you will see the same black-diamond skill in navigating life’s highs and lows in this book. Like Lamott, Sirois handles joy and sorrow with whatever the moment requires -- tenderness, gusto, humor, brutal honesty, wise perspective, grace, or humility. Her combination of humor and tenderness, and total lack of pretense, makes her particularly welcome company at a time when good companions can be scarce. Like only our loved ones can understand the depth of our love for each other, and join us too in making fun of or finding humor in our humanity, she joins the reader simultaneously as expert and insider.

Dr. Sirois is very accomplished and pedigreed; yet that is by no means the sole source of her authority or connection. Yes, her academic grounding and cognitive understanding is deep. She is “there” with us, in the swamp of life, as fully and authentically as one can be. Her personal disclosure in this book – particularly her tremendous love for, and loss of, her brother -- makes it easy to trust and to hear her. She brings much practical wisdom and lived example that makes that wisdom more accessible. She builds confidence that we too can bravely take steps on a path towards wholeness and happiness. Her approach is quietly (yet deeply) informed by the science of positive psychology, and her authenticity makes the reader want to take it in.

Already I have read it twice and gifted it twice– and that will continue. For friends who have had struggles or tragic losses (after the phase of bringing dinners or helping with life's logistics has moved into "normal"), gifting Sirois's book is a tangible way to show up. I know they are grieving, but I don’t always know what to say. Thankfully, this little book is something beautiful I can offer; she says more than I ever could. So I will turn to it, again and again, and wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same.

Catherine Flavin

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